How to Hire the Right SEO Firm


You have been given the task of finding the search engine optimization (SEO) company to offer distinct online marketing services to your firm. You do a quick Google search for your location and over 300 SEO firms is listed. You begin to contact them one by one starting at the top as it seems the first one is the best. However, you keep getting the same response. The fact is out of all those internet marketers, while some can deliver others cant.

First, lets deal with some misunderstandings. Question your assumptions if you find yourself thinking along these lines. – This SEO has a great website, I suppose they are good at their work. – This firm ranks #1 in searches related to SEO in my locality, they must be good at what they do. – This company has many employees and is very profitable; they are excellent in their work. It is good at something indeed but it may not be related to SEO. They might be doing great because they are great at forming the right kind of partnerships. a strength that might not play any role in the SEO success of their customers. The right SEO company may just be a small firm, the size doesn’t always matter.

You need to dig beyond the superficial to find the right SEO company. This is how to do it

1. Be clear on what you need. Is it a one link building, ongoing SEO, link removal, content marketing, retargeting or either one of the 20 services offered frequently by SEO firms. You can start by establishing the work to be done first if you are uncertain.

2. Get consultations from several firms but keep it secret after knowing what you want, consult with several firms and ask for assistance on what you should do. The majority of SEO firms offer consultations for free as they know they can win your business if they impress you.

3. The #1 question that any SEO company has to answer is ‘Will you assist me get my job done?” Since you cannot see future, the only way an SEO firm can answer this question is to show you previous work done for other customers like yourself.

4. Get the firm to tell you stories. A good SEO company is highly creative as well as executes tactfully and creative people have good stories to tell. Just as you would have to listen to an employee tell their story before hiring them, besides looking at their Linkedin profile, do the same by asking questions about their history, what their good customer experience was, what was their bad customer experience and the way they handled it and the way they have grown with time You may end up changing your viewpoint as you listen to stories.

Find Now How to Hire SEO Agency Yourself

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For any application or website, making their presence in search engines is very vital for its success. One must choose the best SE0 Agency for getting the optimal results. If your SE0 Company is not up to the mark, you may lose the current traffic on the website or you can even be banned from the search engines. This is a major question that comes in your mind “How to hire SE0 Agency”. Well, now you do not have to fear for choosing the best SE0 agency yourself as we have some of the tips that can help screen your agency and decide whether it is best for your SE0 requirements or not

Creating Strategies: Any individual or an agency providing SE0 cannot provide you success without a proper strategy. Before selecting any of the SE0 Agency or Individual you must discuss how they are targeting your Search Engine Optimization. You should be aware well in advance that what your agency is targeting “Backlinks or Keyword” and how they are planning to target the same.

Advancement changes: You should always probe with your agency that how they will intimate you about the changes or enhancement they are planning to do. Some agencies provide a weekly report and some provides monthly. You can always undo any changes that you feel may not require as done by the agency.

Cliental Profiles: Always ask your agency to share the companies they have work in the past. If the agency is giving you all the list of its clients, then it is not worth hiring them. However, many of the agencies will be happy to share their prevalent client’s names whom they have worked for before.

Best Practices: To get the optimal results from SEO, it is very essential that you should hire the agency that always follows the best practices for SE0 provided by the search engines. As we all know that every search engines provides certain algorithms for SE0 which are enhanced every year Hiring any agency which is unaware of these enhancements might get you in trouble in the longer run.

False Promise: Always be aware of the fact that no SE0 knows the exact algorithms of the search engines, if any agency is promising you to get guaranteed top ranking in the search engine then, beware these agencies are making a false promise that might trouble you in future.

Reporting: This is very crucial part for hiring an agency for SEO. If you cannot see the progress of your projects, then your efforts are in vain. Always ask the agency for the tools they are using for the reporting and how often will they provide you the detailed report about the progress of your projects.

It is really critical at your end to screen the agency well in advance, rather than repent later for the loss.

Hire the best and make a fortune!